When the seriously talented Nick from Ferrier & Co teamed up with concrete king Ben from Hanlon + Co they made a very beautiful thing. So beautiful they decided to enter their concrete & steel lovechild into the Vivid Design Competion. I was asked to take a few shots for the entrance form – so naturally I went to town photographing this drool worthy product in this awesome space.


_X4A9646 _X4A9637 _X4A9663 _X4A9667_X4A0033_X4A0393
_X4A9982 _X4A0059 _X4A0362
_X4A9817-Edit _X4A9963-Edit
_X4A0073 _X4A0151 _X4A0267 _X4A0191 _X4A0273 _X4A0277 _X4A0330